• That was the weekend that was
  • Our Chiswick Mum weekend in 6 steps – from running and wintery walks, to nail polish and bubbly

    This is officially blue week. Not a testament to that colour that sits happily between green and indigo in the spectrum. But an acknowledgment by the powers that be that this is the week when we’re guaranteed to feel miserable. Starting off with Blue Monday when the papers gleefully told us that us commuters would […]

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  • How do you spend Christmas

    Yeah – you either love it or hate it don't you? Is it really the marmite of holidays? I think if you ask anyone who says they hate it, most people mean they hate the run up to it (inevitably complaining that it starts earlier and earlier) but do – albeit grudgingly – like (tolerate!) […]

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  • The winter nights fly by

    There's something wonderfully soothing about the long march into winter. Maybe it's the pockets of light that are cast onto the pavements by windows without their curtains drawn, displaying little pockets of domesticity to nosey parkers like me. I love to peek into windows. Piano music dumped on top of a piano, someone pottering about […]