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  • A Chiswick 5 Mins with… Kelly Reeves

    Our regular feature catching up with the local folks who help make up our Chiswick life. Today it's local mum and photographer Kelly Reeves. You can't go far in Chiswick without running into one of Kelly's photographs. An active local Twitter user, Kelly's beautiful images capture local events and people perfectly and provide a literal […]

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  • That was the weekend that was

    A weekend of Simple Pleasures 1. Very important milestone – Chiswick Boy did his first Fighting Fantasy book with me. My brother and I were obsessed with these growing up. I also loved the 'choose your own adventure' books which were slightly simpler. The Fighting Fantasy books are a first step into D&D I guess…done […]

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  • A life less ordinary?

    It's funny – I sometimes feel I should write 'big' posts. Monumental, intellectual, deep, thought provoking and worthy. Or at least funny. I have at least 20 half written posts that I will go back to. That say something interesting or useful – because I feel that I should be interesting or useful. After all, […]

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  • Moving nearer to the mountain

    I want to move nearer to the mountain. Not literally. In fact on a literal level I'm moving AWAY from the mountain to sea level, as you'll know if you read my blog entry on our decision to move into a chiswick boat… (I'm a massive Neil Gaiman fan. For me he symbolises my time […]

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  • Gentle domesticity…and cheese

    You know you've reached a certain time in life when your definition of calm and sophistication is Waitrose cheese counter. Seriously, I walk through those hallowed doors with DS on a Saturday and I feel like I've entered another world. Gone are the days when I needed a gin martini in a slick bar to […]

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  • Who am I?

    You know that golden rule of blogging – that you should have niche, what marketers define as your usp. That you should stick to that and build up your niche following? Well I'm rubbish at it. Someone once advised me to create a separate online identity for each of my personas and interests, but if […]