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  • Have you been hit by the fear?

    Twitter user @MrsLeapOfFaith posted this today – which sums up nicely what I've been feeling lately: Torschlusspanik (n.): the fear, usually as one gets older, that time is running out and important opportunities are slipping away #German I'm a big fan of language and one delicious linguistic oddity is the way that different languages have […]

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  • That was the weekend that was

    A weekend of Simple Pleasures 1. Very important milestone – Chiswick Boy did his first Fighting Fantasy book with me. My brother and I were obsessed with these growing up. I also loved the 'choose your own adventure' books which were slightly simpler. The Fighting Fantasy books are a first step into D&D I guess…done […]

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  • 2014 here we are

    I don't go out and celebrate New Year. To me, going out for New Year's Eve belongs to my past life – along with long Saturdays shopping with girlie friends, Sundays in bed reading and a whole bed to myself. I'm happy to stay in, drink a glass (ahem, or three) of bubbly, listen to […]

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  • Yes we live on a boat!

    Looking back I've always had a connection with the Thames. That might sound weird coming from a Northener who only moved (somewhat recklessly really!) to the Big Smoke after graduating from Dreaming Spires, in search of fame, fortune and streets paved with gold. My first memory of the Thames is a school trip when I […]

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  • Moving nearer to the mountain

    I want to move nearer to the mountain. Not literally. In fact on a literal level I'm moving AWAY from the mountain to sea level, as you'll know if you read my blog entry on our decision to move into a chiswick boat… (I'm a massive Neil Gaiman fan. For me he symbolises my time […]