• That was the weekend that was
  • Our Chiswick Mum weekend in 6 steps – from running and wintery walks, to nail polish and bubbly

    This is officially blue week. Not a testament to that colour that sits happily between green and indigo in the spectrum. But an acknowledgment by the powers that be that this is the week when we’re guaranteed to feel miserable. Starting off with Blue Monday when the papers gleefully told us that us commuters would […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • That was our Chiswick weekend that was – The Snowman, Christmas PJs and Turning Nine

    This weekend was a very special weekend in the Chiswick Mum household as my darling baby turned nine – just a couple of days before Christmas celebrations start on 1 December. Nine I tell you! When I started blogging he was only four! I’ve been ricocheted by a whole rollercoaster of emotions (I don’t think […]

  • books
  • Our Top 5 Christmas Books for bedtime

    One of the best things about Christmas is digging out all the Christmas books and reading them while the Christmas tree lights twinkle, before bed. I don't think you're ever too old to read a Christmas picture book. I know that I'm always looking for ideas for new Christmas-themed books to buy and love to […]