• That was the weekend that was
  • Our Chiswick Mum weekend in 6 steps – from running and wintery walks, to nail polish and bubbly

    This is officially blue week. Not a testament to that colour that sits happily between green and indigo in the spectrum. But an acknowledgment by the powers that be that this is the week when we’re guaranteed to feel miserable. Starting off with Blue Monday when the papers gleefully told us that us commuters would […]

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  • That was the week that was

    I didn't know whether to do my usual write up of my week that was. After Friday's events in Paris, writing about my own small domestic ups and downs seems petty in comparison. But to write about the events themselves, when I wasn't there and can lay claim to none of the wrenching sadness that […]

  • 5 mins with
  • A Chiswick 5 Mins with… Fiona McBride

    I really love these 5 minute interviews – they are the favourite bit of my blog. When I read magazines I always skim to those one-page features where someone outlines the things the everyday things they do and think. I always loved those pages in Just Seventeen where they'd go around the country and take […]

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  • A Chiswick Five Mins with… Booktime Babies

    These features are the favourite thing about my blog. I love hearing about what makes people tick – their routines, their passions and their daily life.   We have so many interesting local folk in Chiswick and environs. So it's an absolute pleasure to delve into their lives in this weekly series. This week we […]

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  • A Chiswick 5 minutes with…. Lisa Barrett

    We're such an interesting bunch here in Chiswick and environs. From stay at home mothers to writers, designers to filmmakers and everything in between – the variety of lovely people never ceases to amaze me! So I love running these Q&As with local folk. Today it's time to meet Chiswickian and style writer Lisa Barrett. […]