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  • 11 great books I’ve read in the last month

    Last month my lovely blogger pal Helen Chandler wrote this: “I love the posts my blogger friend, Chiswick Mum, writes about her family weekends, and as, in keeping with my new policy of dragging myself out of hibernation, I actually have something to blog about, I’ve shamelessly nicked the idea. I hope she will forgive […]

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  • Our Top 5 Christmas Books for bedtime

    One of the best things about Christmas is digging out all the Christmas books and reading them while the Christmas tree lights twinkle, before bed. I don't think you're ever too old to read a Christmas picture book. I know that I'm always looking for ideas for new Christmas-themed books to buy and love to […]

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  • That was the weekend that was

    A weekend of Simple Pleasures 1. Very important milestone – Chiswick Boy did his first Fighting Fantasy book with me. My brother and I were obsessed with these growing up. I also loved the 'choose your own adventure' books which were slightly simpler. The Fighting Fantasy books are a first step into D&D I guess…done […]