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Family Road trip to the Belgian coast and Opal Coast

We’ve just got back from a truly inspiring road trip to the Belgian coast (where we stayed in a Sunparks holiday village) and back via France’s Opal Coast.

This is our second ferry and car trip in six months and we’re truly converts. I don’t know why it’s taken us so long to realise just how easy (and relatively cheap) it is to pack stuff in the car and get a ferry from this island to the continent. But it’s a lesson worth learning!

Watch out for a proper travel blog soon, with our full itinerary, costs, tips and some of the hidden treasures we found along the way.

In the meanwhile here are a few snippets and pics to whet your appetite.

Reading at the port hole

reading at the port hole

Look at this. You’d have to fly business class to be able to stretch out like this on a plane! You can begin to see why we’re converts to car ferries can’t you?!


Family road trip

dunes stretching for miles

Driving means you’re free to get out and stretch your legs whenever the whim takes you.

These dunes near Dunkirk stretch for miles, and the sun came out for a glorious few hours, speckling the sand and our faces with a golden glow.


Fresh sea air


Where there’s dunes, there’s sea! And the first whiff of sea air on a holiday is always a moment to treasure.

Nothing can beat the sounds and smells of the beach – especially on a blustery day.


Ambling in Ambleteuse

pebbles on the beach at ambleteuse

After four nights near De Haan in Belgium, we drove down the Opal Coast. It was a foggy, drizzly day – but it made the beach with its shiny pebbles and rock pools even more bedazzling.


Seaweed strewn rocks

seafood strewn rocks

Slipping and sliding over seaweed strewn rocks is always fun – for kids and adults alike!


Contemplating the Opal Coast

contemplating the opal coast

It had been a long last day with lots of driving, and this 10 year old wasn’t so keen in getting out of the car for our last stop. But I (gently and cajolingly) insisted, and of course as soon as he was there he was mesmerised by the sea and the rocks. And ended up pointing out flint and chattering about erosion and rambling around excitedly.


So there’s a little port hole into our holiday to the Belgian Coast and Opal Coast. More to come on my blog. But I’m interested to know – have you ever been to either the Belgian coast or Opal Coast (or both)?




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