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Ice skating – Natural History Museum

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum


Every year we like to schedule in one or two special Christmas treats that get us out and about in London. This Christmas the Natural History Museum kindly invited us to try out their ice skating rink. And while Christmas may now be behind us I’m a firm believer in the motto that ‘it’s never too early to plan this year’s Christmas treats’, so here are some photos, and if they whet your appetite you may want to throw ice skating into your 2018 Christmas treat mix! It opens again in October – so only 9 months to go!

Inspirational architecture 

The Natural History Museum is one of my favourite London buildings. Its architecture is unmistakeable and just seeing the spires as we walk from South Ken station is enough to make me excited and think of dinosaurs and crystals and young children growing up to be David Attenborough.

ice skating natural history museum

I thank my lucky stars every time I‘m in South Ken, knowing how blessed we are to live within just a short tube ride from some of the world’s best museums.

In summer there are queues winding out of the front door, but in winter the museum becomes a magical winter wonderland with the iconic rink outside. We always stop to watch people ice-skating – wowing at the professionals who make it look effortless, smiling at the children pushing penguins around, commiserating with the mums and dads who lose  their balance and emerge ice splashed but smiling.

But we’ve never iced on the rink ourselves until this Christmas. natural history museum ice rink


Blogger on ice


I was full of bravado in the lead up to hitting the ice, but as we (literally) got our skates on I did wonder if I’d spend more time horizontal on the ice than upright.

Chiswick Daddy had the same reservations. In fact the only one who was jumping up and down with confidence was Chiswick Boy who couldn’t wait to get out on the ice.

ice skating in south kensington



Not on thin ice


I don’t have any photos of us whizzing along because it turns out that you can’t hold an iPhone at the same time that you’re gripping the sides of the rink with two hands.

Turns out that I have a fair amount of practice to do – it’s many years since I used to get the train from Derby to Nottingham ice rink as a Saturday teenage treat. But Chiswick Boy? He was the most fearless of us all.

What I did love was that it was a real mix of people on the ice – groups of teenagers, families, elderly couples…and for every person whizzing around at top speed there was someone at least as timid as me. There’s something quite bonding about edging around an ice rink holding on for dear life.

One of the most endearing bits was Chiswick Boy skating back to spur Chiswick Daddy on as he moved slowly round the rink laughing with another dad who was doing exactly the same.

“Great – let’s get a cappuccino,” I said as our 45 minute timed slot ended.

“Can we come again tomorrow?” asked Chiswick Boy.


Our tickets were gifted to us by the Natural History Museum. Rambling words, thoughts and photos are – as ever – my own. 





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