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Snow falling in London: a magical December weekend

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I absolutely love December.

I love the lead up to Christmas, the choosing of the tree, and the decorating of the tree. The solemnity of Getting Down the Decorations, and the playful joy of unwrapping packages of newspaper and bubble wrap, oohing and ah-ing over our favourite decorations, perhaps the shedding of a tear over a glitter and glue creation made in nursery school, and the utter wonder of seeing neatly folded lights that haven’t got tangled up at all (the latter down to Chiswick Daddy!).

Perhaps most of all I love the wreath upon our door – a sign to the world that advent is here and that the Christmas spirit is here!




An icy walk

Chiswick Boy was feeling a little under the weather on Saturday morning. Nothing serious – just a bit achey, a bit glum. I’m a great believer in getting outside when lethargy or the doldrums strike. Particularly in winter, when we leave the house in the dark and come home in the dark, and vitamin D levels are dwindling.

It’s no secret that Boston Manor Park is our favourite West London green spot and it was a glorious day. The grass was frosty, but the sun was gleaming blue.

We were muffled up to keep cosy warm and had our plastic bag of bread with us for the birds on the pond. (I know one isn’t really meant to feed bread to wild birds, and I do keep meaning to buy some proper wild bird food.)


When we got to the pond (more of a lake really, don’t know why we call it a pond) we were delighted to see it had a large casing of ice. There’s something magical about seeing a pond iced over – it’s not something you see much in London. Not quite the great freeze of 1683-4, when the Thames froze over for two months. But something to gasp over nonetheless.


I also learnt it’s really hard to photograph ice. In my shots you can barely tell the difference between the water that’s frozen and the patch that’s still free flowing.


When frost turns to snow

The magic of ice would have been enough to give us our wintery lead-up-to-Christmas fix. But it was trumped by waking up to snow on the Sunday morning.

Can you remember how entranced you were as a child when you saw the first flakes of snow fall for years? I loves how parenting gives you a door into that magical world of childhood, so you can live your own childhood again through the eyes of your children.

Boston Manor looks regal in the snow.

The best thing about walking in a park in the snow is the triumphant feeling that comes from laying down the first footstep, or gathering up the first clump to make the first snowball.

But top of our list was to finally use the wooden sled that my mum gave Chiswick Boy a couple of Christmases ago, but which we’ve never used. Because it so bloody rarely snows in this capital of ours!

Until now…


A worn out elf

After all the snow action, there was only one thing for Chiswick Boy to do – put on his elf costume and fall asleep.

(If you would like to replicate this elf look it’s comprised of *the bottoms of the Hogwarts pyjamas I got for Chiswick Boy’s birthday, plus elf slippers and elf snuggly hoodie – both from Tescos.)


That was our wintery day – how was yours?







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