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Reclaiming my blogging mojo – rediscovering my love of blogging

It’s a funny old thing, blogging. It consumes your day – a lot of the time you’re thinking about your blog, taking photos for it, letting people know you’ve mentioned them in a round up, replying to tweets and Instagram comments, planning blog posts.

But in and amongst all that it’s hard to find the time to actually write!

For ages I decided to focus on writing up my weekends – ‘lest I forget it’s the small things that make up a life well lived’. And I know you loved my weekend round ups. But slowly on Monday the guilt would set in – ‘Oh dear, I haven’t done my round up’.

And then by Tuesday the mid week tiredness would creep in, and with it the realisation that I still hadn’t taken all my photos off my phone.

Then by Wednesday I’d look at my list of blog posts that I’d promised to write, and little reviews I’d agreed to, and opening up my MacBook was something I avoided – the kitchen got cleaned on those avoidance days!

The thing is – I already had a place where work piled up and I had to plough through to-do lists and turn them into actions, while buoying up a team at the same time. It was called work! As in the office, the paying work – not the other proper work of being a mother which is infinitely harder and more fun at the same time.

So I stared myself in the mirror and had a good think.

Blogging had turned into a massive project – like the office, but without the time that I had to go to the office.

It had also along the way stopped being as fun. Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about having a massive undone to-do list. That’s on page 1 of any career success book – tackle your list. Or bin it and start again.

our gorgeous Thames

So I took a big breath, and thought I’m going to bin the bits I don’t like and get back to basics with my blog – get the fun and mojo going again. I’m going to spend more time on the bits I love, and I’m going to stop doing the bits I don’t (And I won’t even give myself a stern talking to for doing them in the first place!)

So here is my blog action plan aka rekindling my blogging mojo

  1. I’m going to ditch schedules for a while and write what I want to write, when I want to write it. I know, I know…this means that I probably will stick to a better and bigger writing schedule than I’ve ever had simply because I’ve taken the (self-induced) pressure off.
  2. I’m going to make everything go a lot faster by doing what I should have done a year ago and actually buy the external hard drive for my MacBook, so I can back up my photos. I’ve actually just done this, and cleared a whopping 22GB of data from my MacBook. (I used the G Drive MobileUSB – which was £57 from the Apple Store and was a doddle to set up. In fact there’s no setting up, it just plugs in with a cable to my MacBook. Yes and I know I should actually back up the hard drive too but I’m not actually sure how to do that!)
  3. I’m going to stop feeling guilty at saying ‘no’ to 90% of the media requests and review requests that come through to my blog. I know how hard it is to generate publicity for a new product, and I hate saying no – but I simply don’t have the time to write about everything that’s offered to me. But I’m going to get better at replying to people promptly, as that’s only good manners and I’m ashamed that I do take a while to get back to people sometimes.

    have my cake and eat it

    Having my (lemon drizzle) cake and eating it?

  4. This will free up my time to work with the more exciting and fun offers that come my way – shopping challenges, working with lovely brands, and of course getting out and about to see some of the family friendly theatre, exhibitions and days out in our amazing capital – and in my local West London.
  5. I’m also going to be focussing a lot more on travel – which is one of my passions. That includes getting out of London on family days out, and holidays further afield. I feel a twitching which means that I also feel a long trip taking shape. I’ve had two gap years in my life – and I’m really keen to do another one. Probably not a year – I’d like to start with a month trip. Either back to California, or to Thailand for the first time as a family.finding my blogging mojo through travel
  6. I’m going to continue sharing lots of photos, including the crappy messy bits of my house because that’s the way I roll! I’m going to more generally be a bit more warts and all – I think I have been, but I’m still hyper conscious of what people think of me. (I’m still smarting from being told to ‘grow up’ on Twitter after I commented on yet another all male University Challenge line up. It’s suffice to say that thick skinned I ain’t!)


And in the interests of oversharing here is my life plan, after quite a bit of soul searching:


  1. I’ve not given up on the dream of one day having another child. It may seem foolish given that it looks like it will plainly never happen – but I’m holding onto hope!
  2. I think we probably will move out of London. But I should say that’s today’s plan – ask me again tomorrow! When and where I’m not exactly sure. The plan was to move back to the Midlands, but now I fancy the coast where we’re a stone’s throw (well almost) from the continent.
  3. I’ve also not given up on my novel. It WILL happen.
  4. I haven’t done any cabaret in a while and I feel a need to get my cabaret hat (and boa) back on. I just need to make it happen basically.
  5. I’m unashamedly hunkering down for winter now – I get great pleasure out of just being at home with my family, pottering, playing board games, having movie nights, *playing magic the gathering, tackling the crochet scarf that is Chiswick Daddy’s Christmas present.magic the gathering

And whether I’m exploring London with my family, or hunkering down with them in front of the fire – I will share it with you here on these pages of my blog.


What are your life plans?


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