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60 minutes in Oostburg, Netherlands – family review

We’ve been driving through Belgium and the  Netherlands for our half term break. On the way back from Volendam in the North, we’ve stopped off in Oostburg, where I’m writing this – in a great Oostburg coffee shop.


I’m tapping away on my MacBook sipping an Irish coffee with my mum, while Chiswick Boy and Chiswick Daddy play a little board game they’ve found in this cafe involving a set of plastic logs and a beaver.

So here’s what you can do with 60 minutes in Oostburg. (And if you’re looking for somewhere to stay within driving distance from Oostburg, you could have a look at our review of the Treck Hostel in Ghent.)


  1. Spot the unicorn of Oostburg

unicorn of oostburg

The first thing you see when you park in the square of Oostburg is the statue of the unicorn. We’re pretty crazy about unicorns in the Chiswick Mum household so we took this as a good omen! The square is even called Unicorn Place!


Sure enough, a quick google revealed that the unicorn is the symbol of Oostburg, and its citizens derive strength and courage from it. The statue is relatively recent – a 1952 addition, by the sculptor Liesbeth Messer-Heijbroek


2. Play on the fountain’s stepping stones

The stick isn’t from Oostburg – it’s from Edam, but Chiswick Boy has been loyally carrying it everywhere with him since he picked it up from there! But here in Oostburg Chiswick Boy discovered that if you prod the stepping stones they squirt water.

Oostburg fountain


3. Relax with a coffee in the Eigenwijs cafe bar – a lovely Oostburg coffee shop

On the square, this was a welcoming haven of light and music on a twilight visit, with free wifi so we could check up on our route (and I could write this post!)

The hot chocolate came with a separate bowl filled with chunky marshmallows and fluffy cream, and a mini whisk.

hot chocolate in oostburg coffee shop





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