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Treck Hostel in Ghent – family review: a very quirky hostel

I’m sitting and writing this on my MacBook at the delightfully quirky Treck hostel in Ghent, in the communal bar where we’ve just had breakfast, while I listen to the unmistakable hostel sound of half a dozen languages being spoken at different tables.

It’s many years since I was a regular visitor in hostels, on my pre-university gap year and my adult gap year ten years later. Some things have changed – there’s a wifi connection, and I have my own laptop…things inconceivable on my first gap year and still fairly unimaginable on my second!



And of course the biggest difference of all – this time I have my family with me, that’s Chiswick Daddy (who’s off having a shower in the communal bathroom as I write) and Chiswick Boy, who’s already this morning run around chatting with everyone, played ping pong and table football and is now drawing in his notepad opposite me.

I did wonder whether I was too old to go hostelling, and whether Chiswick Boy would be welcome. Oh, and I should mention that we also have my mum, his Grams, with me who’s sitting practicing her German with another guest.



Staying indoors – in our own retro caravan!

At Treck, you can stay in your own retro caravan, that’s parked indoors under one big roof, with a unique themed outdoor space for each plot.

We have a beach themed caravan, with two double beds (we’re paying 75 euros for one night including breakfast). And my mum has a retro themed caravan, complete with record collection inside and beaten up sofas outside (65 euros for one night including breakfast).

Caravan indoors at Treck Hostel


Staying in – Treck Hostel

The Hostel is so lovely that you will be forgiven for just wanting to hang out here. If you like to cook, there’s a communal kitchen – great if you’re on a budget holiday or longer trip.

Or alternatively there’s a bar that’s open until 10pm. I implore you to have the hot chocolate: it comes as steamed milk, with a separate bowl of chocolate buttons that you stir in. And like all the hot drinks here it comes with a piece of waffle on the side. A great treat for Chiswick Boy after a long stretch in the car. And of course I had one too!

hot choc ghent


There’s a stack of board games by reception, and a separate games room with sofas for late night chatting (in the caravan area it’s no talking after 10pm), table tennis, table football, and a ‘cinema caravan’ that you can watch films in.


Checking in and out, eating and getting around

The check in and out hours are very generous compared to hotels we’ve stayed in. Check in is after 3pm, and you can check out until noon.

Breakfast is served from 8 to 11am, and includes hard boiled eggs, squares of chocolate, a variety of bread and cheese, jam etc. With fruit juice and fresh coffee.

You can park outside for 3 euros per 24 hours, and you can hire bikes for five euros a day. It’s just a pleasant 20 minute stroll into the centre of Ghent, for the cathedral etc.


How we booked

I booked our hostel using, as there was free cancellation, which gave me a bit of breathing space to check everyone was happy with my choice (of course they were – who doesn’t want to stay in a retro caravan indoors?!).

If you use my affiliate link for *, I get a ¬£15 credit and so do you… (I use this site to book all my accommodation as I like the peace of mind and sometimes cheaper prices. I tend to always go for properties which have free cancellation.)

Right – I must dash. Chiswick Daddy’s packed up our stuff, and we need to check out and pile into the car to drive to Volendam in the Netherlands.


Coming soon on my blog…more on our road trip, including how to drive to ¬†Ghent, top tips for a family road trip, and top things for families in Belgium and Netherlands.







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