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John Lewis Christmas hamper: handpicked 1 December goodies for Granny

In collaboration with John Lewis – and please note that this post contains affiliate links, marked with *

To say that we love Christmas in this house is an understatement. It’s like saying snow’s a bit chilly. Or a Christmas Tree is a little bit festive. Or Santa Claus is only a little bit real.

So when John Lewis asked if we’d like to work with them and have Chiswick Boy, 9, create a Christmas hamper for someone special, I said yes quicker than you can say ‘ho ho ho’.

For us, it’s the build up that really makes Christmas special. It’s the 1st of December and licence to get into snuggly Christmas onesies, start watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and start decorating the house.

So we decided to make a 1st December Christmas hamper for darling Grams – that’s my mum, Chiswick Boy’s granny. We plan to deliver the hamper in person on 1st December, and we filled it with festive delights to make December special.

John Lewis Christmas hamper

We spent a lovely day pottering around our favourite John Lewis branch – Peter Jones in Sloane Square – with Chiswick Boy choosing stuff to put in the hamper. (John Lewis had kindly sent us a voucher for this purpose, and an empty hamper).

Oh you’ve probably heard me wax lyrical about my love affair with Peter Jones elsewhere on my blog – about how my family also has a fair amount of family history tied up in that store, and how my great aunt famously hot trotted it to London for a job at Peter Jones in the swinging 60s….a life intertwined with London’s burgeoning art and sculpture scene. But that is a story for another time. Because you want to hear about what we put in our hamper, yes?


John Lewis Christmas Hamper: Everything to make December festive and special

So here is everything we put in the hamper, with links.


1. Snuggly, fleecy onesie

Because Jo in Little Women may have said ‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents’ – but in our house Chiswick Boy says that Christmas won’t be Christmas without snuggly nightwear.

Chiswick Boy spent a long time stroking this onesie before we bought it for Grams – he knows it will be perfect for him to snuggle up next to on the sofa, watching ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ for the 1000th time.

I was also happy because I know it will be warm – and as our parents get older, one of the things we worry about is whether they are warm enough, isn’t it? (It’s probably their karma for still reminding us to wear vests and button our coats up properly).



2. *Old fashioned liquorice pipes and wheels 

You need to have some sweet treats in a 1 December hamper, right? Grams loves liquorice – and Chiswick Boy chose these two retro packs to tuck into her hamper.

John Lewis liquorice



3. *Box of 12 Christmas Crackers

Chiswick Boy was adamant that Grams had to have some crackers in her December hamper. Choosing the crackers with Chiswick Boy was hilarious because he kept on checking the back of the boxes to see what was in them, and was disdainfully discarding all the silver plated corkscrew and comb goodies – and instead whooped when he saw something truly useful inside these crackers (marbles, a magic trick, and various brightly coloured plastic toys!)

You can’t have a box of crackers and not feel festive can you? So a 1 December hamper staple methinks!

John Lewis Christmas crackers


4. *Festive holly fairy lights

Chiswick Boy wouldn’t hear of a 1 December hamper for Grams without fairy lights in it. We spent quite a while choosing the right set, because the fairy light part of the John Lewis Christmas department is quite bedazzling!

Chiswick Boy didn’t want anything too sophisticated looking. (“Nothing that just switches on, off, on, off…” he said, which reminded me of that Father Ted episode where Dougal says the lights are “on, no they’re off again, on, no off, on again, no now they’re off…” but I digress again!)

He finally opted for these very festive holly fairy lights, which will look lovely strung in Grams’ living room.

John Lewis christmas lights


5. *‘Into the Woods’ Swirl Orb Bauble –  for the tree

It’s funny what catches your kids’ eye isn’t it? If you’d asked me what Chiswick Boy would have chosen for this hamper, I’d have made a good guess at the onesie, and the fairy lights and crackers – but I would never have guessed that he would be so certain that we needed to include this fragile golden glass ornament.

Chiswick Boy was captivated by it, when he saw it amongst the tree decorations, turning it and twisting it to catch the light.

He was positive that Grams would love it, and that we had to get it for her.

Golden ornament from John Lewis


6. *Cute and cuddly owl hanging ornament

Grams collects owls and we couldn’t make a 1 December hamper without including some owls in it! Chiswick Boy looked at a few owl hanging ornaments, but declared this was the best – and I have to agree.

It’s technically a hanging ornament for the tree, but I think it will look great on the mantelpiece or bookshelf as a festive addition to Grams’ owl collection.

John Lewis owl


7. *Scented dried fruit hanging decoration 

It was hard for us to just pick one thing from this part of the Christmas collection. The Jormaepourri collection of dried fruit wreaths, pot pourri and hanging decorations all smelt amazing – and the scent was unmistakably Christmas.

I would have chosen a large wreath, but this was Chiswick Boy’s Christmas hamper for Grams – and he chose this small hanging decoration, which was just £4

What I love about this is that it will make the whole hamper smell of Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas fruit


So there you have our special 1 December Christmas Hamper for Grams, specially chosen by Chiswick Boy. With many thanks to John Lewis, for gifting us all our choices so that we could write about them here. 

What would you put in a 1 December hamper?




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