That was the weekend that was

That was the weekend that was: Lego hacks, Monopoly and rainy day play

Can I let you into a secret? I don’t mind it when the rain pours down on the first weekend of the summer holidays. In fact, I love it!

Because much as this blog is about getting out and about, seeing the joys that London (and the world) have to offer – one of our utmost family pleasures is to lounge about inside.

Whether it’s playing Monopoly round the dining table…


Or digging out the new Lego sets to build…


Lego hacks

Can I interrupt this weekend round up to give you my little Lego hack, as illustrated in the photo above?

Buy a load of plastic food trays – these were about two quid for 20 from Tesco. Use these to sort your lego pieces into, by colour or size. (But we prefer colour.) No more hunting around for lost pieces or trying to locate that little weird blue bit that goes on the top of that brown bit, you know… the bit over there, next to the mini figure.


Lego hacks 2

Those base plates that you can buy are your best friend. Reward your child for all the effort he’s put into his creations, and do the equivalent of sticking a picture on the fridge: chuck a load of books off a bookshelf and replace it with base plates, where you can display creations made and creations in progress.


And for the ones that won’t fit on a shelf – well they will just have to take pride of place next to the ornaments 🙂 (Oh, and the clutter!)


Walking in the rain

After a few hours inside we always like to get out, whatever the weather. And playing in the rain can be even more fun than playing in the sunshine. It’s an excuse to dig out the wellies and old coats, and go kicking a football through puddles.


Jazz brunch at the Fields in Ealing

On Saturdays one of our favourite places to go for brunch is The Fields cafe in Ealing, which has a live jazz trio, and great coffee.

I’m doing the low carb thing at the moment and the person behind the counter let me build my own breakfast from the ‘extras’ menu. So no bread, but lovely mushroom, poached eggs and good quality bacon.


And while I settled down to this and my Saturday Times, Chiswick Boy tucked into his hot chocolate, chocolate brownie, one of my eggs, half my mushroom and his Toxic comic.


Sunday service

On Sunday we got suited and booted and went to mass at Our Lady and St Edwards, the big catholic church on Chiswick High Street.


And afterwards headed to Tiger for a rummage. We love Tiger – it’s like a cross between Ikea and the pound shop. It’s impossible to go in and not come out with something that you don’t know how you lived before you bought it. Like these glow in the dark dice – six for a pound.


Chiswick Boy and I both concluded that if you can walk past six glow in the dark dice for a pound and not buy them, well you don’t have a pulse.


There were other things over the weekend – parties, and coffee stops, and family movie nights. But time goes on, and the next weekend is already here as I write. So I shall leave this weekend write up here, on a high, with glow in the dark dice.


Do you ever shop in Tiger? What’s the best useless thing you’ve ever bought there? 




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