That was the weekend that was

That was our weekend that was: Netflix in bed and Chiswick Thames Walk

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From lounging about in pyjamas watching Netflix, to getting out and about on a Chiswick Thames Walk, it was a well rounded weekend!

We have a bit of a ritual in our house called ‘pyjama party’. This isn’t a pyjama party in the traditional, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic sense. It doesn’t involve face packs, spin the bottle or spooky tales by candlelight.

What it does mean is that everyone rushes to get into their pyjamas and settle in front of a film (ie Netflix although we’ve recently succumbed to Amazon Prime too. Never mind the hundreds – and I do mean hundreds – of DVDs that we’ve collected over the years and which have now become obsolete by streaming (who would have guessed?) but which we can’t bear to part with.)

Eliminating arguments over ‘what shall we watch now’

We’ve obliterated film rows by introducing a system whereby we rotate whose turn it is to pick a film. On their last turns Chiswick Boy and Chiswick Daddy have each picked an episode of Doctor Who (we’re box setting this from David Tennant onwards via Netflix and have *just got onto the first Peter Capaldi series).

dr who peter capaldi

On Friday night it was my turn – and I chose the *80s flick War Games which I’ve never seen. It’s worth it alone for the massive computers, green and white monitors and hacking via dial up landline.

War Games

On Saturday we were meant to head ooop North to see Grandad (my father-in-law, well Chiswick Daddy and I aren’t married but you know what I mean). But Chiswick Boy had fallen down with a temperature and sore throat over night (as kids do), so in the end Chiswick Daddy went on his own and left Chiswick Boy and I home alone.

So Chiswick Boy and I spent the majority of Saturday in our double bed by turns napping and watching films on Netflix. We watched:

    1. *Arctic Blast (my choice) –  a charmingly rubbish Australian disaster movie with an implausible plot. Which did remind me that I used to watch disaster movies with my mum when I was about Chiswick Boy’s age – The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, that icky one with killer ants, the other icky one with killer bees…Arctic Blast
    2. *Chicken Run (Chiswick Boy’s choice) – a heart-warming Great Escape retold for the chicken generation. Including the voice of Jane Horrocks – what happened to her? Is she still around?


3. Harriet the Spy (my choice) – a lovely 80s kids movie based on the book, which I must get for us. Basically any kids film with the word ‘spy’ in is going to be an instant hit.


Low-carb diet

I hadn’t mentioned this yet on my blog but I’ve been doing the low-carb diet for almost three weeks now. I haven’t mentioned it for a couple of reasons: firstly I’m cautious about mentioning weight loss on this blog. On the whole I think writers and bloggers should embrace the body positive and self-love.

Secondly, I spend my time on this blog chatting about what we get up to at weekends and don’t really talk about me that much.

However, going low-carb has been a massive part of my life for the last few weeks so it’s probably about time I mentioned this here.

I’ve eliminated more or less (I say more or less because I know what I’m about to list is hidden in many foods, so it’s silly for me to say eliminated) – sugar, flour/wheat, potatoes, corn, peas. The only thing I was meant to give up was my cappuccino because of the lactose (sugar) in milk. But you know me – giving up coffee would be like cutting off my left arm. I would still be able to write but it would be a major detriment to my life.

I lost four pounds the first week and only two pounds the second week, but I’m persevering because one of the main side effects has been that I feel a lot calmer and less anxious.

I’ve become so evangelical about it (you’re like an ex smoker, Chiswick Daddy groans) that I will probably do a  blog post just about this soon.


Stir crazy

On Sunday Chiswick Boy was feeling a bit teary as he missed his dad so I frogmarched him into clothes and we set off for an adventure.

The intention was to walk up the river to Chiswick Pier for their open day with a pit stop at Cafe Rouge for breakfast (after a quick search on my phone for Cafe Rouge vouchers which unearthed a two for one breakfast deal valid until 1pm on Sundays  – bingo. It might seem a bit tight-wadish but does anyone actually go into Cafe Rouge or Pizza Express without googling for vouchers first?)

drawing in cafe rouge

Breakfast was okay – nothing special. I did get avocado and spinach with my veggie breakfast which was a nice touch. (I gave the baked beans and bread to Chiswick Boy – see my low carb diet bit above!). Coffee was dire though. It seems to be harder and harder to get a decent coffee these days, even in that Mecca for coffee shops, Chiswick.

vegetarian breakfast at cafe rouge


Chiswick Thames Walk

We love to look at the abandoned boats in Watermans park. I often wonder what stories these once grand husks and hulls could tell.

As you may know (because I’m always banging on about it) we used to live on a boat near Kew Bridge. And nowadays I dream about getting a little rowing boat and using it to explore the river at weekends.

chiswick thames walk

This weekend, the fisher people (is that even a correct phrase? They did seem to be all fisher men to be fair) were out in full force, taking advantage of the low tide and all hoping for a catch of the day.

chiswick thames walk fishermen

Another favourite pass time while walking on this stretch is admiring the floral displays outside the houses of the unbelievably lucky folk who live on what is my favourite path in England.

chiswick thames walk strand on the green

chiswick thames walk flowers


Water water everywhere

This water fountain harks back to a more civilised time. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could get chilled drinkable water on tap while strolling through London?

water fountain strand on the green

Not a more civilised time really come to think of it. Chiswick Boy would be shoved up a chimney somewhere, and I wouldn’t probably be in a roadside cavern drowning my sorrows in cheap as chips gin and chatting up a highwayman.

Hard to walk up the Thames Path

Once we got past picturesque Strand on the Green we had to do lots of walking on the road to try and follow the Thames Path. I’d forgotten how terrible the North Side of the Thames Path is compared with the South Side.

resting by the tree

It was also eerily quiet. I turned down one little alleyway near a boat house and had such a terrible feeling of foreboding that I had to turn Chiswick Boy around and make us walk back towards civilisation.

Eventually we did what any self-respecting adventurer does – we gave up. We crossed Chiswick Bridge and went into the Ship for cold glasses of lemonade (Chiswick Boy) and Soda Water (moi), which we took into the pub garden where they had the men’s singles finals on.

wimbledon finals


A beautiful craft cafe in Sheen

We strolled into Sheen and found the most gorgeous cafe: the Robin Craft Cafe at 38 Sheen Lane. A Vietnamese-English  cafe with the most gorgeous cappuccino I’d had for days.

Unfortunately my camera ran out so I haven’t got any photos. I’ll just have to go back!

Or perhaps it’s just time to buy myself a digital camera – what do you think?



Links with a * are cheeky affiliate links. Thanks for clicking through if you do. For clarity, we visited all the cafes, pubs and restaurants mentioned above incognito and nothing was gifted to us. 🙂



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