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The top 5 picks for a 9 year old boy – from the new John Lewis clothing range

Please note that this is a sponsored post, and contains affiliate links which are marked with an *


First off let’s get this straight – I am a massive *John Lewis fan. So I post this sponsored post with affiliate links with happy conscience and a full heart!

(Allow me a brief aside: Peter Jones – which is a John Lewis – in Sloane Square is my favourite shop of all times, and the top floor cafe, overlooking the rooftops of South West London is one of my happy places. For years before kids, on my birthday I would treat myself by booking the day off work and going to Peter Jones for a cup of coffee and slice of cake, and write in my  journal about what the last year had brought and what the next year should bring. Oh the tales I could tell you about the dreams I’ve thought up for the price of a cup of coffee in Peter Jones. Or the facts I could relay about my great aunt who was a shop girl in Peter Jones when it was considered an appropriate and niiiice job for a middle class girl with career aspirations. There is a whole book of stories I will save for another day involving Peter Jones, my great aunts and uncles, and a series of not non-famous sculptors and artists, and family love and family tragedy. )

But stop! This is a blog post about fashion, and the new *John Lewis clothing range for 8-14 year old boys.

I don’t know about you, but my 9-year-old-son is the best dressed of all of us in the family. I get more pleasure out of buying clothes for him than I do for myself. He’s always taken an interest in the clothes he wears, and throws together his own combinations fearlessly. We quite often browse the girls’ sections for leggings and t-shirts too. And my one bugbear with shops is this obsession with grouping kids’ fashion by gender.

I was delighted however to see that the new John Lewis range for boys includes several items across a pink pallette. I think pink is a great colour for boys, and men, to wear.

So without further ado, here is our top five pieces for a 9 year old boy, from the new John Lewis range:

  1. *Pink ‘relaxed’ shorts in 100% cotton  £16

    john lewis relaxed shorts

  2. *Short sleeved pink print shirt  £16

    john lewis short sleeved pink print shirt

  3. *Long waffle t-shirt in pink £12

    john lewis pink waffle shirt

  4. *Short sleeve grey hoodie £16

    john lewis short sleeve grey hoodie

  5. *Stripe t-shirt in grey/navy  £12

    john lewis stripe t-shirt in grey/navy
    So there you have it  – our humble edit of our top five pieces from the new John Lewis range for 8-14 year old boys. Which one is your favourite?

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