West London mums or mums-to-be: get paid for your opinion (and have fun!)

Over the years I’ve taken part in quite a few face-to-face focus groups and research in London with a variety of different research firms. I first started not long after I moved to London and worked in a bookshop on Charing Cross Road. One of the regulars helped fill research groups on the side, and would call on us to take part when she didn’t have enough to fill a focus group. And I’ve carried on doing bits and pieces since then really, with different companies for a bit of pocket money over the years.

So when  independent research panel TribeMums asked me if I’d work with them to tell local mums about their upcoming research in West London, I said yes, because I think taking part in research can be a really fun way to spend a couple of hours.

So are you a West London mummy / mum / mama / mother with a baby up to 24 months old, or are you a mum-to-be? Want to earn £50-£75 for taking part in some face-to-face market research on 15 March, with more dates available? Then sign up now or read on to learn more (and there are upcoming dates for mums in other parts of London too).

(Cue excuse to use photo of my cute nephew – voila)

my gorgeous baby nephew

Paid to give your opinion

Yes, over the years I’ve given my views on everything from the front cover layout of a new magazine, a new menu design for a famous restaurant chain, new designs for the bottle of a famous cream liquor (that you might buy at Christmas – yes that one!), and more.

Particularly if you’re at home with a child all day, then I think doing research can be great fun:

  • you get to give your opinion, and have a captive audience that really wants to hear what you think!
  • you have the opportunity to influence brands, including packaging / flavours / colours etc
  • if you’re at a focus group then it’s a chance to get out of the house and chat with other interesting mums
  • you get paid as well!

My tips for taking part in paid research 

Here are my top tips for taking part in research:

  1. Be yourself. Researchers are genuinely interested in what you think, as an individual, so you can’t go wrong.
  2. Be honest – there are no wrong or right answers.
  3. If you go to a focus group and there are refreshments, do eat! It’s part of the perks, and will help you relax.
  4. Have fun. Interviewers will have lots of ice-breakers to put you at your ease, so just relax and enjoy.
  5. Spend the money on something specific and fun that is a treat, or stick it into a fun family day out fund.


Sign up with TribeMums and take part 

If you’re in West London, with a baby up to 24 months old (or are 12 weeks+ pregnant) and free on 15 March,  apply online now. Payment’s between £50-75

If you want to find out more, or if you want to be kept in the loop about future research opportunities across London, check out TribeMum’s Facebook page.

To read testimonials and get more info about TribeMums, see their website.


Please note: this is a sponsored collaborative post with TribeMums. Words and photo are all my own. I’ve not taken part in any TribeMums research, but I genuinely believe taking part in research is a fun way to earn a bit of pocket money, get paid for talking, and influence brands. 


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