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My Chiswick Christmas countdown

Well here we are – just a few days to Christmas and if you’re like me you’re ticking off the Christmas milestones as they appear. I love the family Christmas countdown.


Our family Christmas milestones

School Christmas play – tick. (Yes, I cried – tick.)

Traditional family visit to Peter Jones to choose a new bauble for the tree each – tick.

Buster the boxer

Jumping with buster the boxer


Pre-Christmas coughs and sneezes appearing – tick. (As I write we’re in our third week of sickness in the Chiswick Mum household.)


Christmas Elves getting even more naughty – tick. Last night they rather indelicately let a reindeer poop on our dining table.

christmas elves

Our naughty christmas elves with reindeer poo


Frenzied pre-Christmas tidying happening and throwing whole household into a panic – tick. Here is Chiswick Boy helping me tidy his room. Yes, he interpreted this as put pants on his head, tinsel round his shoulders and run up and down guarding the halls with a plastic sword. (To be honest as tidying goes this is not much less efficient than my usual modus operandi.) (And yes, those pants have got a hole in them. Just noticed that!)


running round with pants on head

Chiswick Boy decorated with pants and tinsel


Decorations beginning to appear in the strangest of places – tick.


Santa loo

Santa decorated loo


Feeling a warm glow when passing the Nativity outside the church on the High Street – tick. We’ll be at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward’s Christmas Eve nativity service at 6:30pm on Saturday. Whatever your faith, or none, I do think there’s something magical about going to a church service at Christmas time, it’s like the lull before for the storm. Gone are the days when I could rock up to Midnight Mass, so these days a child-friendly service does the job!



nativity outside chiswick catholic church


Getting super excited at the joy of sharing Christmas with a ‘my first Christmas’ baby – tick. This year we’ll have a jolly house full, with Midlands Brother, Midlands Sister-in-Law, The 3-year-old-nephew and the 9-month-old baby. We’ll also have Granny, my aunt and uncle, and another uncle from Ireland. We’ve been planning all the parlour games, Christmas films showing and of course the copious food and drink treats. There will be a singalong or two along the way too! And no doubt the odd festive argument.


Christmas baby

My wonderful nephew and godson under the Christmas Tree


What are your Christmas milestones? Do you have your own family Christmas countdown?


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