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Making yoghurt with kids – with EasiYo

They say that when you're writing a blog you should know your audience. Well earlier this year I wrote a blog post about the EasiYo yoghurt maker. It turned out to be one of my most popular posts.

Who knew? There was I thinking that it was my musings on work/life balance, or my philsophies on seasonal changes, or my ramblings on literary passions that would be the most popular. But it's yoghurt. And why not?

So when EasiYo came to me again recently and asked if I'd like to review their product again, but this time a pink one, I said yes, on behalf of you my dear yoghurt loving readers.

It is true that now I have a yoghurt maker in pink as well as in red. For those of you that have read my wailing about how difficult it is to declutter, you may think that stockpiling of different colour yoghurt makers is a dangerous thing. (I do need to declutter. I have 3 copies of 'clear your clutter with feng shui' on my bookcase as a case in point.) But I shall be faithfully passing on the red one to my sister-in-law.

So here we go, here's how to make yoghurt with kids, using the EasiYo yoghurt maker.

Instructions by Chiswick Boy!


1. Open the jar lid, carefully so that it doesn't go flying off.


2.Then fill it half-way with water from the tap (it can't be too cold – this is VERY important)


3. Pour in every bit of the yoghurt mix into it & then close the lid secure & then SHAKE IT!!! (We used lemon and ginger mix, yum.)


4. Add in more water (up to 5mm from the top), and SHAKE IT again!!!


5. Push the red spacer down, and get daddy to boil the kettle.


6. Ask daddy to pour boiling water to the top of the spacer. And make mummy a cup of coffee.


7. Put the yoghurt jar in the yoghurt maker.


8. Wait overnight and peek in the morning.


In full honesty, we forgot to follow the instructions properly, and our first lot didn't set. The instructions say clearly not to use water that's too cold, but we got so over excited that we used very cold water from the bathroom tap. (We tried it with a spoon, it still tasted yummy, just liquid.)


(This was a culinary mistake on par with earlier this year when I bought a Betty Crocker cake mix, and made the cake with the icing packet (and baked it) and tried to make icing with the cake mix.). (But not as bad as my friend who once tried to make Angel Delight with water.)

Trust me – if you use tepid water it sets beautifully. As our second lot did. And it tastes beautiful too. There are loads of different flavours – from greek style to fruity flavours. So my aim is to stock up and take it to work, and get some into Chiswick Boy's lunch box.

So there you go – making yoghurt with kids. It's Easi – Yo! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Post in colloboration with EasiYo – who sent me a free – pink – yoghurt maker and some sachets. Thoughts, pix, pumpkin, fruit, and violin in the background are all mine. Chiswick Boy's mine too. Isn't he lovely?




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