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Friday coffee time – Ask, Kew Bridge … review

A very empty, very white and gleaming restaurant isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you say you're taking two noisy best friend eight year olds for a post-school treat. But Ask Italian at Kew Bridge proudly says outside that coffee is served all day, and it's a stone's throw from Kew Gardens. So that's where we went.

Of course I was so distracted, asking about school, looking at the plans for a new board game that were being mapped out in my (very expensive) yellow notepad… that I forgot to take any photos.

So you'll just have to trust me when I say, the three things we loved were:


1. The hot chocolate is a large bowl-mug of steamed milk, with a separate jug of thick gooey chocolate. It's £3.50 and there isn't a budget version, so it's all or nothing. Actually, I thought it was good value for a showstopper hot choc. Chiswick Boy's best friend had that.

2. Tea comes in a proper tea pot, and Chiswick Boy got three cups out of it. (Yes, Chiswick Boy has discovered a passion for ordering pots of tea when we're out). No separate jug of hot water – but it's so rare you get that anywhere these days.

3. I ordered my cappuccino with an extra shot, as it only came with one as standard. It was fine – I've had better, but I've certainly had a lot worse.

Bonus points were awarded (in my head's score sheet) for the tap water- which came in big glasses, and with lots of ice.


The juice – my standard rating for coffee shops:

Cappuccinos strong enough? Only came with 1 shot as standard. Okay tasting.

Tap water freely available? Yes, and nicely served – see above.

Somewhere to charge the phone? The server took it away when I asked and charged it up for me.

Music? I don't think there was any music. Or if there was I didn't notice it. Bliss.

Ambience? It was practically empty when we were there and I was focussed on making sure the boys didn't use their outdoor voices… But it's a lovely spot, and I've been there for supper when it's fuller.


The damage – my bill

1 traditional Twinings – £2.25

1 New hot chocolate – £3.50

1 Reg cappuccino – £2.55

Total – £8.30


I'm on a mission to try as many coffee shops as possible. I went 'incognito' and I paid for my own drinks. Wish I'd remembered to take some photos. Sigh.


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