Chilling out and bouncing about with House of Fraser – boys gear

So House of Fraser got in touch to see if I’d like to pick a couple of things from their website for Chiswick Boy’s wardrobe.

Now House of Fraser is one of those department stores that just is, and I’ve never really thought about them much as a place for boys clothes. It’s the main department store near where I work so for me they’re the ‘place to dash to at lunchtime with an envelope full of money for x’s leaving present’. (Note to office – who put the 2p piece in?)

So this feature gave me a chance to rummage around their website and see what they have on offer. I asked Chiswick Boy to help me choose, as I thought it would be fun to see what he’d pick. (Okay – may have steered him towards my top choices!)

We’re pyjamas mad in this family – seriously, the first thing we do when we get in is that we all get changed into our pyjamas. Pyjamas rule basically. So of course the first thing we went looking for on the site was PJs.


Why did I take Chiswick Boy outside to photograph him in his new togs? Beats me!

You can’t beat a pair of character-themed PJs and we went for Superman, made by Fabric Flavours. Now some things I love about these PJs are:

  • 100% cotton (this is a must for us)
  • Patterns all down the legs (sometimes PJs only have a character-themed top with plain bottoms.. boring!)
  • Generous fit and detail, like cuffs at the bottom.
  • There’s a gorgeous patch included in the packaging that you can sew on something else.

Look – you can fly in these pyjamas (*Disclaimer: flying property may be limited to imagination).



And you can move at the speed of light.



These pyjamas do not render you impenetrable to stones in feet.



Here’s the link to the product:,default,pd.htmln

The second thing I picked was a Billy Bandit shorts and zip top. Now look why I chose it – how fab is the top? It comes with an inbuilt pouch – practically an in built rucksack!


The things I love about this are:

  • Gorgeously soft jersey material
  • The pouch – obviously!
  • It’s great to get matching shorts and long sleeved top…perfect holiday combination.

It was really low stock when I chose this, and it’s not on the House of Fraser site at the time of writing – but there’s tons more Billy Bandit stuff on the site.



The litmus test – would I order from House of Fraser again as a paying customer?

Well yes. I’ve never thought of looking there for kids clothes before, and I’m always on the search for pyjamas, so when it comes to Christmas and the hunt for the new Christmas PJs, I’ll definitely include this in my internet trawl.

Thanks to House of Fraser for treating us… Even though the products were free for purposes of this feature, the thoughts, words and photos are mine. (No firm would ever send publicity photos of pyjamas being worn outside in blurry-vision.)

Check out the House of Fraser kids range at:,default,sc.html



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