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Our Top 5 Christmas Books for bedtime

One of the best things about Christmas is digging out all the Christmas books and reading them while the Christmas tree lights twinkle, before bed.

I don't think you're ever too old to read a Christmas picture book. I know that I'm always looking for ideas for new Christmas-themed books to buy and love to see lists that other mums recommend. So I thought you'd like to see what's in our Christmas collection.

We recommend all these….


1. Santasaurus by Niamh Sharkey, Walker Books (2005)

Dinosaurs and Christmas – what a combo

Little Milo Dinosaur wants nothing more for Christmas than a chance to ride in Santa's sleigh. Well I think you can guess what happens!



2. Babushka, by Sandra Ann Horn, Barefoot Books (2013)

A lovely modern retelling of an old Russian Christmas folk tale

Babushka spends her life cleaning, to compensate for an emptiness in her life. Until she hears of a baby born in a stable with nothing to keep him warm, and heads off to bring him some gifts…

3. The Nativity, by Jane Ray, Orchard Books (2002)
Sumptuous illustrations by one of the best children's illustrators
The hardback edition comes with its own paper figures to make a Nativity scene. But the true beauty is in the illustrations – including a gorgeous breastfeeding Mary.
4. Christmas Trolls, Jan Brett, Puffin (2000)
Nordic themed illustrations with tons of detail
The siblings are preparing for Christmas – but who's stealing all the Christmas stuff? The spirit of Christmas is learnt by everyone and it's a happy ending!
5. Aliens Love Panta Claus, Claire Freedman & Ben Cort, 2010 (Simon and Schuster)

Outrageous fun from the pants loving aliens (from 'Aliens Love Underpants' – another fave)

Who needs a sack when a pair of bloomers will do? They're aliens, they love underpants – and this year they're bringing both things to the aid of Santa!






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