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Swedish ethical fashion that hits all the marks – review feature of Me&I

Last year I reviewed two items from the Me&I collection. Both are still going strong, despite several washes and unforgiving rough and tumble family life.

So this year I was thrilled to be invited to select two more items from their new collection to review – one for me and one for Chiswick Boy.



Brightly coloured ethical fashion with true wow factor

Last year I wrote about how delighted I was to discover this clothing firm. Vibrant colours, refreshingly unisex items for children, plus soft fabrics gorgeously cut and finished. And a truly ethical ethos that delivers on a practical level – clothes are made in Portugal and there's a full ethical statement on their website.


Khaki jumpsuit made me jump for joy

I decided to be a bit more adventurous than the cardigan I chose last year, and I went for a jumpsuit. Now I know that the 19 year old version of me would be horrified by my definition of adventerous now being a jumpsuit. But kids, family, the daily juggle, and suddenly yes – trying a jumpsuit instead of my go-to wardrobe of skirts, cardi and boots does feel adventurous!

I wasn't sure if it would fit my shape (small and curvy) but when it arrived it fitted like a dream. Again, simple fabrics, great cuts are the secret to Me&I's range. The jersey material hangs really well and it's a truly beautiiful shade of khaki which has prompted me to seek out more clothes in this colour – I didn't have anything this shade in my wardrobe before.


As comfy as your favourity pair of PJs

What surprised me most was how amazingly comfortable this jumsuit is to wear. It's as comfy as my favourite jersey pyjama bottoms – and believe me, I love to hang around in my pyjama bottoms! (Yes, I'm one of those people who gets into their pyjamas as soon as they get home – no matter what time of day it is!)

And I can honestly say that I have not had as many compliments on a piece of clothing as I have since wearing this. I truly truly adore it. In fact I've had so many compliments that I'm going to get the jumpsuit in black too. And please Me&I, bring it out in some other colours

Styling – vests and boots

I tend to team this with my newish leopard spot caterpillar boots but I imagine that you could dress it up with heels. Although I think it looks pretty dressy with flats too! .

It needs a vest under it as it's a loose crossover style at the front. I've used multiple colours – from black and beige neutrals to a bright orange pop of colour, and they've all worked.

What else can I say – I love this item! It's been a true revelation for me!


Rough and tumble test – kids' joggers

Now on to the item I chose for Chiswick Boy. Last year I chose some yoga pants in blue and they've been such a success that this year I went for jogging pants – in bright red.

There's nothing you could fault about these. They're bright, vibrant, ethically made and have fabric that's guaranteed free from chemical residue.


Designed by someone that really knows kids

Finally – kids trousers that have been built with kids and parents in mind. As well as ticking all the ethical and environmental boxes, real thought has gone into making trousers that will last for years. You can roll them up if they're too big and they still look great – and roll them down again when you need to.

The slimline style fit in the leg is fantastic – streamlined enough to do sports in, and smart enough to wear outside the house as day wear (I normally don't like Chiswick Boy to wear jogging pants outside the house as 'normal' wear).

Chiswick Boy put his through the paces at Boston Manor Park after his tennis lesson – as you can see from the photos.


A great brand – that makes you feel 'in the know'

I'm really excited about finding Me&I. The clothes are made from great materials, look original and are in gorgeous colours. When you get compliments on an outfit and say where you got it from 'Swedish brand Me&I' it feels like an insider secret. And best of all they're an ethical and environmentally sound company.

Okay – buying from Me&i is slightly different. Please don't let this put you off – the website explains it all easily. Rather than ordering online you contact a sales rep (easy form on their website), or attend/host a me&i party. All the details are on their site. Let me know if you host a party!

This is a review feature – and I was given the items for the purpose of review. But the views are entirely my own.

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