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Swedish design for cool people – review

I couldn't resist using Me&i's slogan for the title of this review. Swedish design – for cool people. Love it! I'm a big fan of Swedish design and culture. From Ikea to Camilla Lackberg, The Bridge to Let the Right One in, I can't get enough of Swedish chic.

So when Swedish clothing range Me&i asked if I'd like to pick something from their women's and children's range to review, I said 'yes' quicker than you can say 'ja tack'. (Which means yes please – picked up from two series of The Bridge!)

For Chiswick Boy I picked these gorgeous and versatile yoga pants in Turquoise (£19-21). For myself I picked out this grey cardigan in a beautifully soft grey knit. (£75)

Ethics first

My fashion criteria is that items have to be ethically produced. And me&i ticks that box. I checked the labels in both items and they both say made in Portugal. This is backed up by an ethical statement on their website.

The design on both is impeccable with great attention to detail. The yoga pants can be worn turned up or just straight down making them incredibly flexible. It's hard to get funky, comfortable clothes for boys. But as soon as Chiswick Boy put them on he started bouncing around and also doing some tree yoga poses. They definitely pass the bounce test!

I'm happy for Chiswick Boy to spend lots of time in these and also to wear them as lounge wear around the house. With no buttons or hard hems to dig in they are perfect for a growing, active little boy or girl. I think bright colours are really important to have in a child's wardrobe: colour has such an emotional effect. Great also to have a truly unisex cut.

Joy to wear

For my cardigan I was a bit nervous in case it didn't fit. Being generously boobed (!) it's hard to get tops that are flattering. But this is perfect. It's so soft in 100% cotton knit that it's a joy to wear and while it's thin and clingy in the right places, it's also generous and flowingly draped. I love the way I can wear the sleeves over my wrists, but yet it's cut narrowly so they don't look messy and baggy.

Like many mothers, buying clothes for myself is high on my wish list but of necessity down at the bottom of my list of everyday purchasing priorities. But I believe in buying good quality. I would definitely buy more stuff from me&i for myself and slowly build up a proper capsule wardrobe again. As a working mum I know how important clothes are in making a professional impression and it's amazing how a well cut item can make you feel amazing.

I also feel that I'm wearing something unique and Swedish.

For my son – again, I would definitely buy from this range. The cut of the yoga pants means they will last for ages and adapt through a couple of growth spurts, so they have longevity. And of note – I've washed them a couple of times already and the intense hue is still as bright..

The info

Okay – buying from Me&i is slightly different. Rather than ordering online you contact a sales rep (easy form on their website), or attend/host a me&i party. All the details are on their site. If you host a party let me know!

Yoga pants:

Holey cardigan:




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