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That was the weekend that was

A weekend of Simple Pleasures

1. Very important milestone – Chiswick Boy did his first Fighting Fantasy book with me. My brother and I were obsessed with these growing up. I also loved the 'choose your own adventure' books which were slightly simpler.

The Fighting Fantasy books are a first step into D&D I guess…done with dice in hand and a pen and paper to keep track of skill/stamina/faith etc scores. They're written by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone who were household and playground names in the 80s. Hurray for recreating my favourite decade in our house today!

Very sweet conversations today such as 'hmmm, it says if you have a magic sword you can go to page 141' 'I will go and make one mummy, hang on…DADDY do we have any tin foil…?'



2. Lovely Easter lunch with my brother, sister in law, their gorgeous baby, and my wonderful mum. Cue much laughter, noise, delicious chaos and late night renditions of 'play your cards right' with a giant pack of playing cards.

Plus my brother and I decided to spend quite a few midnight oil hours googling card tricks and trying to impress each other with them. Learning a card trick is actually on my 100 things to do in 2014 list. So one off the list…

Nothing so grounded and joyous as family times. I love my family! Thanks DH for all the cooking!



3. I decided I needed more plant pots and Geraniums so we went to Chiswick High St and had just assembled all the planting paraphernalia we needed in Robert Dyas when there was a power cut. No electricity equals no purchases.

Surely life was simple when goods just had prices on, and shops could process cash and add it up in a book?

But struck charity shop gold in Cancer Research where I found a latch hook rug kit for a fiver, perfect for Chiswick Boy's room. Er, once I've made it of course!



4. On Good Friday we braved the holiday crowds and went to the Natural History Museum, with packed lunch (my number one tip!)

Yes, we had to queue. Yes, nerves were frayed. No, we didn't queue again to see the dinosaurs. But we had a fab time. What child does not enjoy the natural history museum?

We followed it up with a trip to its neighbour, and my fave, the V&A. Bought a Moomintrolls sheet of wrapping paper that will make a fabulous framed print for our bedroom (yes, OUR bedroom – you're never too old for moomintrolls!).

It's easy to get stuck into spending time locally – Chiswick and environs have so much to offer on our doorstep. But it does do good to get out and absorb all that knowledge, art and culture that South Ken has to offer. It's what Julia Cameron, creativity tutor and one of my major inspirations, terms 'filling the well'. In order to create, she says, we need to fill our lives with enough experiences to fill the well, and give us enough rich life content to draw on when we write or paint.



Well there are the chief vignettes from our weekend. Back to school, work and everyday life tomorrow. Let's hope that this Easter Weekend has given us all enough joyous moments to 'fill the well' until the next grand pit stop…probably May Day weekend.

I hope that all my blog readers had a marvellous weekend too…xxxx



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