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A spring in my step – my London Designer Outlet £100 challenge

Champagne tastes and ale budget…that's a description of my shopping personality. I'm a firm believer in buy cheap buy twice, but as the wage earner in my lovely family, I don't often have the chance to buy the quality I'd like. So I've been blown away by my blogging challenge at the London Designer Outlet – a place where you can buy cheap buy twice as much!

I'd never heard of this great shopping centre before, nestled close to Wembley stadium. The unique thing is that every single shop is an outlet shop! So bargainous prices. And lovely quality.

Now I'm not a great fan of spending a day in a shopping centre. Don't get me wrong – I love shopping! But I don't like stress, mess or jarring jostling crowds. And I like a nice cup of coffee at frequent intervals where I can ponder perspective purchases and ogle the ones I've already bought!

I'm thrilled to let you know that this place really did tick all my boxes. There's even a vue cinema on site. So it would be a great place to bribe the family to come with you under promise of a family treat cinema trip aftewards (let's face it, you need DH to carry the bags. And it's much more fun shopping with DS! Well, as long as DH takes him for frequent intervals while I peruse bargains!)

Stop press: On Saturday 5 April London Designer Outlet will be hosting an exciting Spring Festival in Wembley Park – a vibrant and fun day out for all the family. The festival celebrates the best of London’s creativity and talent, with a range of music, live art, dance and a fantastic treasure hunt… all for free!

Children and adults are invited to take part in the exciting treasure hunt around London Designer Outlet, with a whole host of fabulous prizes on offer READ MORE

My £100 spring challenge

Now on to my blogging challenge. 'What's that' I hear you cry. To which I reply with unabashed joy, that it was a fabulous challenge to spend £100 (yes REAL money) on accessorising my home for Spring. As you know I've moved recently into a much bigger place (ie not a houseboat any more!) and this challenge was very timely!

Did I respond to this request with cool, collected calm? Did I say 'I'll think about it' and make them sweat? Did I heck! Not cool, me! And I'm no good at being po-faced. So there was a veritable scream of delight at my end when I got asked by the London Designer Outlet to take part in this challenge. Shopping! Spring! Accessorising! All those lovely spring colours – lime, orange, purple, yellow! A rainbow hued extravaganza of home delights!

I had a gleaming grin all morning at the outlet, and when I got home I kept on getting tingly glowing feelings and singing 'this is a £42 towel' or 'this fruitbowl should have been £24.50 but it only cost £8' and other such rhymes!

I got Chiswick Boy to lay out all my purchases on the bed for me for this lovely photo. And made DH admire each of my purchases many times.

Colour colour colour

Why is it so much nicer to step out of the bath onto a purple bathmat and wrap yourself into an orange towel? Or cut a lemon with a lime green knife. Or even tell the time by a retro-diner-red clock? My home is filled with pops of colour and that makes me happy.

Look though – I got a sensible black reading lamp. See?

Okay – rewind. Let's go back to the challenge.

For all my excitment, I was a bit anxious beforehand. See my comments on not liking crowds, plus Wembley sounded the ends of the earth away. But I got there by tube, bus (note to readers – be wary of buses with same number that stop at same bus stop ostensibly going the same way but then ACTUALLY go in completely different directions) and a hop, skip and jump. And wow – I'm a convert! And I would definitely go back. The place felt really uncrowded, the assistants were really friendly in every shop.

And the prices were bargainous!

My £100 was in the end surprisngly difficult to spend as everything was so darn cheap! I started by adding everything up that I wanted in the first few shops and then retreating with a coffee to decide on the final purchases – and at this point realised that everything on my list only came to £50!

So I went and looked at more shops, and ended up buying absolutely everything I wanted. I'm thrilled with every single one of my purhcases. They each give me joy. Thank you London Designer Outlet for a lovely blogging challenge! I will be back! Especially for family birthday presents.




I Paid



Orange Savannah bath sheet x 2

Had an original price tag showing of £84 (£42 x 2)

£33.60 (£16.8 x 2)


Marks & Spencers outlet

Retro task Lamp




Purple fluffy bath mat

Original price tag showed: £11.00



Yellow latex-backed bath mat

Original price tag showed: £11.50




Red Retro kitchen clock and timer




5 piece knife set in Lime and acrylic see through block

Shop says that RRP is £38 (knives); £26 (block)

£19 (knives) + £9 (block)


Villeroy & Boch

Green easter food cover

Original price tag showed: £11.95




Large trifle bowl (for use as a fruit bowl)

Original price tag showed: £24.95



30 piece cutlery set in lemon yellow

Original price tag showed: £30.00


Retail Outlets9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

11am to 5pm Sunday

9am to 6pm Bank Holiday

RestaurantsOpen until late

CineworldFilms from 10am

Open until late

Getting there

Major arterial routes into London Wembley Park are via M1, M25, A1 and A406.

Set alongside Wembley Stadium and Arena, there are four car parks in close proximity, with a capacity for over 3,000 cars and a designated coach drop of point on Lakeside Way.

You can pre-book your car parking space or get details on pricing structure through Wembley Park's approved car park service provider CSP.

Getting here by Public Transport

Wembley Stadium is the closest station to London Designer Outlet

Trains from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Denham, West Ruislip, South Ruislip, Northolt Park and Sudbury Hill stop at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley Park – Jubilee and Metropolitan Underground Lines – direct from the West End and City. Also from Uxbridge, Stanmore and Harrow-on-the-Hill; buses 83, 182, 223.

Wembley Central – Bakerloo Underground Line, London Overground and National Rail. From Watford, Harrow & Wealdstone, Harlesden, Queen’s Park, Kilburn, Kensington Olympia and London Euston; buses 83, 182, 223

Bus Routes – 18, 83, 92, 182, 206, 223, 224 and 297 all stop within a few minutes’ walk

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