Work / life balance show, London – win tickets

Work / life balance is something very close to my heart. And so I'm thrilled to be offering this competition to win tickets to the Work & Family Show at ExCeL London on 21 & 22 February. I have three pairs of tickets up for grabs. It looks an amazing and practical show. Sponsors include Guardian Careers and Sky. Speakers include Jenny Willott, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs. In fact the exhibitor and speaker list is vast and impressive – ranging from Red Magazine to key employers like Royal Mail and Rolls Royce.

Firstly, let me say that I think ALL mothers are full time mothers, and all mothers work full time too! It's just that some mothers work outside the home (or inside the home for that matter) for payment.

We all need to find work/life balance. It's been a struggle for me, and it's something I'm still juggling. But working for an employer with family friendly policies helps. Last year I moved to condensed hours – working a full week of hours over just four days – and it's had a major positive impact on my work/life balance.

Keeping all the balls in the air – family, blog, work, hobbies, housekeeping – isn't easy. That's why I think this Work & Family show is an amazing idea. The stats are incredible. Oliver Black, Director of My Family Care, says:

“Over 2.2 million are not working in order to look after their family. More than 60% of these are looking to return to work but do not know how to and don’t appreciate the number of family friendly businesses that are out there. This is exactly who this show is for – helping talented parents find businesses and services who see the efficacy of installing family friendly working practices.”

How to enter

Either leave me a blog comment below, or tweet me at @chiswick_mum – with one adjective that describes the search for work/life balance. eg difficult, rewarding, scary, fun.

You can use this format if you like:

Yes – I'd like to win your tickets to the work/life balance show. Finding this balance is YOUR WORD.

Send your entries by 10pm Tuesday 11 February. I'll be passing the winners' details on to the show organisers on Wednesday 12 February. Good luck!

More key info on the show:

Areas include:

· Recruitment & Employers – Work Opportunities (sponsored by workingmums.co.uk)

· Career Advice & Personal Development – Education & Advice

· Image, Style & Media Resources – Personal Branding & Development

· Family Services, Enablers & Networking – Support Systems

· Franchise, Self-Employment & Start Up Business – Going it Alone

Tickets are available from www.theworkandfamilyshow.co.uk

Opening times:

Friday 21st February: 9am – 5pm

Saturday 22nd February: 10am – 5pm

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