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A little Lusciousness – supper club review

A few weeks ago I interviewed Rosie from A Little Lusciousness about her pop up supper clubs in West London. Just hearing her devotion, passion and pure joy around food was enough to start me salivating and thinking about cheese boards, salads, puddings and pies.

Luckily enough I didn't have to wait too long before sampling Rosie's culinary delights for myself, as earlier this month I had the fantastic pleasure of going to one of her supper clubs. It wasn't an ordinary night out for me – it was my FOURTH PROPER DATE with my other half since our fabulous son was born six years ago! Yes I know that's pretty outrageous – but we spend so much time doing stuff as a family that we rarely take the chance to go out and have a bit of duo time. Let's just say a lot was resting on this night!

Going out to dinner was risky – would we have anything to talk about? Would we argue about the future? – but a supper club had the advantage that there would be other people around to talk to if we ran out of things to say by the second course.

So what is a pop up supper club?

Well it's a sumptuous well chosen feast, held in the chef's home usually. Or in this case, as Rosie's food is so scrumptious that her guests will no longer fit in her house, in an unassuming local venue. So in case you want the short story – let's say right now that I had an amazing time and am wowed by this amazing way of dining out.

Rosie picks her menus with care, each course complementing the others to create a feast that bombards your senses. She's passionate about buying locally and sustainably, including the fish – bought from a local fishmongers.

In fact I've never seen such love and care put into a menu in a restaurant as I have that night. Tickets to her pop ups are £30, with bring your own booze (£5 corkage). I can honestly say it's worth every penny at least.

You need to attend this night! For the cost of two evenings of takeaways, you too could enjoy an additive-free, locally sourced, professionally chosen and expertly cooked four course meal, with interesting people, and bring your own booze.



So here's what we ate:

STARTER – Winter salad leaves with Dorset blue cheese, caramelised walnuts and rioja poached pears

MAIN – Luxury individual fish pie topped with creamy mash and soft boiled egg, served with buttered winter greens and a homemade herby mayo

PUDDING – Blood orange and almond cake with orange caramel creme fraiche

CHEESE – Montgomery cheeseboard with homemade spiced apple chutney and biscuits, served with a glass of port



Mmmm menu

The menu was as sumptuously tasting as it sounds. I love food and when I eat out I do tend to go for my favourite dishes – steak or moule frites usually. At this supper club I felt as though my meal was being curated for me, and that I'd let my taste buds be taken over by Rosie.

The menu just worked.

Each course complemented the previous one – and the variety of taste and textures was fantastic. But the highlight for me was when the pudding came – this unassuming generous slab of cake turned out to be a dazzling bombardment of the senses. I'd never tasted anything like this before. This is what cooking should taste like. Blood orange and almond cake with orange caramel creme fraiche. Mmmm.

Cheesy but true

I'll fully admit that I'm a bit of a cheese freak. I adore the stuff – am like a woman possessed around the cheese board at Christmas. And this platter of cheese, carefully selected by Rosie from cheese makers in Somerset, near Glastonbury where Rosie is originally from, ticked all my boxes.

The cheese was served with a bottle of port, passed round generously – as well as homemade chutney, home made biscuits, and a sumptuous walnut bread.

Then – like a good meal should be – it was rounded off with strong coffee. Or peppermint tea if you preferred.


Who's who

So is there a certain type of person who goes to a supper club? Well based on my experience it's a genuinely eclectic mix. I chatted to about half of the 20 people there and age ranges, jobs, locale were diverse. Although I guess that we were linked by a willingness to try something new and an interest in good food.

Amongs the people I met were:

  • A television producer
  • Owner of an an ethical men's clothing brand (rosie's partner actually)
  • 2 primary school teachers
  • Someone from a rather famous band

My sum up

If you love good food and are interested in something different than your run of the milk restaurant, this is for you.

You'll get four hours of excellent, responsibly sourced, deliciously cooked food at posh restaurant quality, for a snip of price.

See more and book at:

TOP TIP – A perfect treat for valentine's day!

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