A little bit of peace and quiet

Peace and quiet. Not two words you expect to hear often as a parent. Indeed, as a parent who'd want to most of the time? The fun madness of a chaos packed house is one of the pleasures of the day.

Running round stepping on lego robots, finding school forms and lunch boxes, reading books and singing songs, plates clattering, kettles boiling, cats meowing – it's the rich soundtrack of our family life! And we are lucky to have it!

Then there's the very early mornings, before the rest of the house is awake. A chance for a few moments of silence? Ha – not a chance.

There's the sound of the seagulls bickering over the first catch of the day, the swoop of the heron, the first planes setting to and from Heathrow, the creaks of the boat moving up or down with the tide. I love it.

And yes of course this makes the silence of the evening even more special. I think this is when all of us reflect on the day and ease our weary minds and bones into whatever evening activity helps us unwind.

For me that's pottering about the place, clearing the table, picking things up and putting them away, getting the clothes out for the next day. Then switching on the gas fire and getting out my crochet and sitting with DH indulging in whatever our latest Netflix Box Set guilty pleasure is (currently Heroes & the new Dallas if you're interested!)

Oh and feeling guilty that I should be doing less crochet and box setting, and more second drafting of my novel. But that's a different story!

What's the soundscape of your daily routine?


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