This boating life

Well as you know, if you've been following my blog, and my soul-searching decisions about where to live, we are off on a six month adventure to try out living on a boat on the Thames. We will be moored in a haven close to kew bridge, so still within the bounds of my beloved Chiswick. (Although brentford and kew affecinados may well battle with me over this area's title.)

There is something inherently magical and childlike about the river. We will be near an island in the Thames which can be splashed to at low tide. Herons roost here and majestic swan families sail by, pursued by less regal but just as loveable families of ducks and moor hens.

If I'd read Swallows and Amazons as a kid I would say that this is Swallows and Amazons brought to life. However, as a bookworm child I got my adventure kicks from the Famous Five, the Adventurous Four and all other Enid Blyton tales of children unleashed from the tryanny of parental supervision to new life of ours pays equal homage to those tales of daring do.

For starters there is an island opposite our boat to be. An island! In the Famous Five the adventerous four (plus Timmy the dog makes five – geddit) were always rowing over to Kirrin Island. Kirrin Island belonged to George the heroine (who wanted to be a boy) and had a deserted ruined castle, where crows were always nesting in the torrents and where comfortable beds could be made easily out of bracken.

(Anne, who didn't want to be a boy, would always make the beds up comfortably and cook a five course meal out of dandelion leaves and foraged potatoes while the boys went off and tracked smuggler tracks). I can understand why they never brought Anne with them. For one thing she was always spraining her ankle. Can't abide women who sprain their ankles. Not unless they're doing it as a ruse to get into an eligible bachelor's country home, Jane Austen style.

Anyway, I hope there will be no sprained ankles on our adventure – or any calamities at all. After all, like all armchair (or iPad) adventurers, I want life to be a little exciting – but not that exciting!

Do you have any experience of water living? Were you raised on Enid Blyton? And have you ever sprained your ankle to grab an eligible bachelor?!

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