Life threatening

Last weekend I had a life threatening incident. It included a rather dramatic paramedic visit; ambulance visit to Charing Cross a&e; lots of tubes and masks and bleepy monitors; and two nights in the acute ward.

Now it would be really tacky to say that this has prompted me to re-evaluate my life. But, er, this has prompted me to re-evaluate my life.


Number 1 cherishing those I love is okay as a number one priority.



Number 2 you know what, it’s okay for life just to be okay.

I don’t need to do my major three yearly life overhaul which normally sees me panic moving city/job ( in the past even relationship). I bloody love living in Chiswick, and in the hospital when I finally had the ability to stand up and look out of the window, just the sheer joy of seeing london spread out in front of me in all its urban imperfect glory – this was life affirming.

The Thames is like a deep raw vein throbbing through this city. It is the lifeblood of the people who live and work and die and play here. Just as London is part of me.

Living up north for three years to raise my child was amazing, and I am blessed to have had this space and this experience.

But I am meant to be here: it is my home.

So all these stressful 3am fears I’ve had ( that we should go back up north to save money, to live in a bigger house…)are now irrelevant. I will not leave. We will make it work out.


Number 3Noone will either live my creative dreams for me, or judge me for not achieving them. The magical work and goal planning I have been doing with my Leonie Dawson Incredible Year workbooks is my responsibility.

No one will love me the less if I don’t publish my book, remember to do my hair, save money, connect spiritually with higher creative self. The universe will not punish me. But – having seen the number of old, in pain, unhappy women I hospital – I believe LIFE IS TOO SHORT not to live it 150%.


Number 4Anyone who calls the twittersphere and blogosphere ‘virtual’ communities is bonkers!

I am an intensely private person. I love to make people laugh, to buoy up a room, but I never reveal anything about my pain or fears or worries. I am more honest here in Blog and Twitter-ville.

When I was in hospital, only DH & DS knew. And Twitter. The messages and caring enquiries I got from Twitter meant the world. Virtual? Nah. Magical? Yes.

That’s why I’m going to continue with my goal of blogging. I think you guys, reading this, are amazing.


Number 5life can be amazing and then shitty and then loving and then you die.

One thing is true: Life is too short. Full stop. Lets make the most of it. Together.



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13 Comment

  1. I applaud you x

    1. Wow – thanks Shelley. Blogosphere support just blows me away…xxxx

  2. Lissie says:

    I’m hoping you’re okay! So glad you were able to turn such a scary event into something positive.

    1. thanks lissie….I hope I keep up the momentum

  3. Sarah says:

    What a brilliant post. So sorry to hear you were ill and you are right. Do what you believe in and do what makes you and your family happy. Chiswick is a fab place too! I lived near there many years ago just for a short time and I loved it.

    1. Thanks sarah…it’s hard 2 know what we really believe in sometimes isn’t it? Until we get a wake up call….where r u based now?

  4. I related 100% to your comment about how seeing all the (especially older) really ill, in pain people in hospital made me feel. I had peritonitis a few years back, and the experience of being on a women’s surgical ward for a week also made me feel very differently about what’s important in life. Hope you feel better soon and bon courage!

    1. Hi there….thanks 4 this…really interesting 2 know you had the same exoerience….I hope that I do keep the lessons with me and that they don’t fade as real life kicks in again….

  5. That must have been a very scary experience and I’m so glad to hear that you pulled through it all OK. Hopefully your convalescence will be swift and smooth XXX
    What a powerful and thought-provoking post you wrote in its aftermath. It really got me thinking about what is important to me as well!
    I know what you mean about people belittling ‘virtual communities’ – unfortunately my dear husband is one of them :

  6. What a lovely post. It’s sad how sometimes it takes a near death experience to make us realize how lucky we are. I hope everything is better… xx

    1. Thank you very much….and thanks for commenting. It’s really timely, as I was sitting here wondering what we should do today & feeling a bit blurgh – and you’ve reminded me of the lesson I’d learnt through that experience, and how lovely & lucky just normal everyday domestic life is…..xxxxxx

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  8. Popping in from the Goddess Circle and browsing your blog. This post really resonated as I’ve recently gone through my own health crisis, nothing major, I have Bell’s Palsy which has left my face partially paralyzed, and oh what a wake-up-call. I’m feeling a lot of the same things. Hope you’re doing well!

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