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Festivals with kids

Festivals were a big part of our lives before we had our kid. I started off with Reading, after my A levels. I relished the smorgasbord of life set out in front of me – crusties, cheesy quaver ravers, public school boys with floppy hair and tanned, rower arms and breath that smelt of mints and spliff.

Then at university I peppered my summers with trips to Glastonbury. Firstly to see the bands….babes I'm toyland, nirvana (or was that at reading – no blogs or twitter then to keep track); secondly to hang out in the green field and ponder life the universe and almost everything with a pagan tarot card reader and a wandering minstrel.

then as a nominal grown up I found festivals where like. Indeed people could get together in the quest to find a more meaningful path in life. And thats where my festival path has stayed.

For nine years we've been attending , an amazing place where families, friends and individuals gather for a workshop packed one or two weeks. With an arts and holistic Focus, the options range from drumming to dowsing, tai chi to tango, and everything in between.

Of course you can Also choose to do nothing, just stroll in the grounds and watch people chatting, or meditating or doing yoga. Or have A nAp.

Kids have their own full programme, separated by age. They too can choose from a menu that includes weaving, drama, art, fil making, circus,.

The event is one world camp btw, as I write it's mid way through its two week summer event.

Sunday 19 and Monday 20 august are free this year. So you can try any of the workshops, or just the ambience, for nothing! You can also choose to boy a days dining and join in the communal macrobiotic meals..

I'm always up for finding out about new festivals, do lease drop me a line or a comment if you have any tips…

Right now it's bed, and then camp tomorrow! Yea!






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