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Do you do the chiswick child circuit?

I've been in chiswick two wonderful years now and believe I have perfected the chiswick child circuit. This is when you set out from your front door and bumble along chiswick high street, up turnham green terrace, to the round and round slide (not its official name!) and back home.

This lovely bumble can take a few hours or a whole day, and is always different but refreshingly always familiar.

A child leading the way adds to the delicious unpredictability! (not literally leading the way of course, a firm handhold at all times, although if they're on the scooter then you just have to run and keep up).

So here is one of the circuit variations:

1. Leave house and meander through turnham green (the green is not to be confused with turnham green terrace, near the tube and the other end of your journey). Find a nice big leaf and leave it at the fairy tree as a blanket gift. Find a nice stick to add to your stick collection.

2. If you're feeling wealthy (or hungry) nip into waitrose and buy feta and chilli stuffed tomatoes from the deli counter and some breadsticks. Treat up with naughty juice cartons, and make note to brush teeth extra well at bedtime.

3. Double back and eat impromptu picnic at war memorial, admire flowers, play chase around the stone

4. Nip in cancer research for rummage

5. Go to chiswick bargain bookshop and read lots of picture books, then buy one in return for hour of entertainment

6. Buy geraniums from smiley man with ponytail at flower stall

7. Buy a cheap, gorgeous ice cream from Italian home made ice cream cafe on turnham green terrace

8. Rummage in faro kids charity shop and daydream about days when we were still collecting things we didn't have like marble runs and bob the builder toys…we seem to have everything now!!!

9. Enjoy more quiet reading time in oxfam bookshop and buy ladybirds and old puffins for our groaning shelves

10. Wander through park, past the mini golf and big red bus, to round and round slide (not its real name)

11. Chat to parents, watch son make new friends

12. Wander back through turnham green, gather more sticks and see if the fairy has collected her blanket yet.

13. Home and cup of tea.

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