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  • Friday coffee time – Ask, Kew Bridge … review

    A very empty, very white and gleaming restaurant isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you say you're taking two noisy best friend eight year olds for a post-school treat. But Ask Italian at Kew Bridge proudly says outside that coffee is served all day, and it's a stone's throw from Kew Gardens. […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • That was our (Chiswick) weekend that was

    paving stones

    It’s my weekly round up of our family week. Today I have a bit of what we did, and a bit of introspection. Okay – what we did first of all. Well we’ve taken the decision to drop one of Chiswick Boy’s after school activities. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how shocked […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • Angry Birds Lego, Family Travel & Grown-up Breakfasts: That was my (Chiswick) weekend that was

    blog 3 oct

    It’s my regular round up of the weekend. Because if I didn’t do this, harness the little moments that make up an urban family life, then I’d miss them. My favourite pic of the weekend is this one: Because it looks like a moment of pure contemplation in the midst of a hectic weekend! It’s […]

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  • Beko Tea Party

    beko balloons

    The other weekend Chiswick Boy and I were invited to Maggie and Rose in Chiswick for a fun Beko Tea Party.     Yes Beko, the washing machine people. Only they’re not just washing machine people of course. In fact one of the reasons we were invited was to check out their new range of small appliances…ta […]

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  • Teething jewellery from Nibbling – review post


      No this post is not just an excuse to post cute photos of my new nephew (who’s also my Godson. Well he will be if they ever get the Christening sorted out…) From time to time I get sent little things for my nephews to try out and if they’re nice, and the people […]

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  • That was my (Chiswick) week that was – from cocktails to bibliomania


    It was a recharge-our-batteries kind of week, which was good as the last few weeks have been manic. On Wednesday I went out for cocktails in the city, with my best friend (who’s also my son’s godmother). We were celebrating my birthday from the previous week. I don’t go out very often any more – […]

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  • Housework versus blogging – can you have it all and write about it too?

    cousins playing

    Well that’s it – they’re back. (Back at school of course.) I know that technically this happened last week, but I’ve had barely a chance to register it. The shock of getting back into a school routine has knocked me sideways.   After a glorious summer of much playing and hanging out with family, staying […]

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  • Our summer holiday in Kilkenny, Ireland – and our back to school week

    rainbow stripe mural

    Ah – that moment three nights before the kids start back at school. The new school uniform hangs up, ready to go, name tags neatly sewn on. Last year’s school jumper (sensibly bought large so it still fits), is folded neatly in the drawer, freshly laundered, the school insignia glowing with starch and pride. The […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • Flexible working, pinterest fails and Kew Gardens – That was our weekend that was

    paving stones

    As you know, I do a condensed working week (thank Heavens and Government Policy for flexible working). So although I do full time hours, I do them over four days instead of five. Theoretically that means I have more time for blogging. I expected to be posting 5 x as many blog posts as I […]

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  • Family fun in the lake district – more summer holiday adventures

    IMG_4395 copy

    After our week at One World Festival  we had a couple of days at home to unpack / load a gazillion loads of laundry / blitz the house again before heading off to our second adventure of the summer hols: Kirby Lonsdale and the Lakes, home of the Romantic poets that I loved to read and […]