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  • A Chiswick 5 minutes with…Alex from W4 Fitness

    It's the latest in my series of 5 minute interviews with local peeps. I love hearing what makes people tick and how they make the most out of living in this part of the metropolis. Today we meet Alex Tsekiri, founder of W4 Fitness. Read on and find out why training local people, Chiswick Community […]

  • Personal ramblings
  • Dark, exotic & full-bodied: if only real life was a wine label


    I am publishing this on the day after the terrible attacks in Nice last night. I did wonder whether to publish this piece today. What can I possibly complain about my life, or write about that has any bearing in the wake of the sadness and senseless loss of life from yet another attack on […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • School strikes, urban fashion & the healing power of cinema: that was our Chiswick week that was

    IMG_4076 (1)

    It was the school strike yesterday. I had to take a day off work, eating into precious holiday allowance (how can 13 weeks of school holidays divide into even my highly generous holiday allowance of 6 weeks?!)… But I’m not fed up about it: not only do I absolutely respect the rights of our hard […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • Picnics, PJs, coffee & cake: that was our Chiswick weekend that was


    I’ve just – finally – poured myself a glass of red and am sitting at my desk about to blog my round up of what we got up to last weekend. Yes, I know another weekend is about to come upon us, but I’m just in time to write up what we did last weekend. […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • A boat, a bus & a village fete – that was our Chiswick weekend that was


    Yes I know it’s Friday, and I should have written up last weekend on Monday. But as a parent blogger you grab those blogging moments when you can, and this week has been short on blogging moments! But we had a really good weekend last weekend. It was sizzling hot – hard to imagine that […]

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  • A sad day for all – Jo Cox, who lived life to the full


    Today I’m reminded of that end scene in West Side Story when the boy is carried away by both gangs – somehow partisan gangs don’t matter any more, the effect of their warring has been brought home to them. The tragic, senseless, horrific death of Jo Cox yesterday reminds me of that. Both sides of the […]

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  • New family fitness centre in West London

    Version 2 (3)

    The other week we were invited to look around the new Hounslow fitness centre – Heston Pools and Fitness. It’s run by Fusion Lifestyle, and if you live in our near to Chiswick you’ve probably come across the Fusion name, although you may need to think for a moment how and when. It’s the company that runs most […]

  • That was the weekend that was
  • That was the half term that was


    Oh my. Back to work today. Back to school too for Chiswick Boy of course. If there ever was an argument for home schooling then the first day back is it. Imagine how wonderful it would be for half term just to continue on and on. More pyjama days. More trips to museums. More hanging […]

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  • Doorchains and doctors and drama queens – more best laid plans of a parent blogger

    Version 3

    I’m writing this in Carluccio’s on the High Street. Look, here’s the proof: If you see me sitting here tapping away at my shiny new macbook pro (still feeling guilty at buying this and have to justify it by doing lots of blogging, and getting THE BOOK published)…. well as I was saying, if you […]